Mark Tyson Returns to the Wheel; Finishes 11th at the Fastest 1/4-mile
(8/9/2014)- After being sideline by illness for some time, Mark Tyson of Hatboro, PA returned to the driver's seat of the #22 FireHouse/WARRANT I Saw Red Chevy Monte Carlo. The day started off great and he brought home a solid third place finish in the heat race Saturday night at the Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, PA.
Unfortunately, Tyson got caught up in a wreck early on and had to salvage an 11th place finsih.
Late Model veteran Paul Koehler Jr., was able to withstand the side-by-side duel behind him of Earl Paules and Frankie Althouse which then netted him his second win of the í14 season.
Koehler started second and outdid Jeremy Miller at the drop of the race commencing green. Before long Paules was on his tail and soon after Althouse joined the battle. From then on it was all three running in tight formation.
Despite the closeness Koehler never let up and remained on top when the checkered flag waved, earning his 59th career win with a Late Model.
Paules and Althouse crossed the line virtually dead even with Paules getting the nod. However, earlier in the race there was an incident where Paules and Mike Sweeney got together. Sweeney was forced high on the track and stopped just short of the wall in turn four. Paules was on his inside and Althouse was low.
After a comprehensive analysis it was felt Paules was rough riding and for that was placed back two spots at the finish. That put Sweeney third at the payout window. After the race several cars were called to tech, including the No. 8 of Paules, but he was not happy with the put-back call and refused to be checked which led to a disqualification. Despite that he still holds the point lead by seven over Althouse. 
Tyson reflected on the day by saying, "Unfortunately, it was a rather frustrating end to an otherwise good day. Nevertheless I was thankful to get back in a Racecar after having had rough medical issues these past 2.5 months. We'll see where the road takes us next."
Despite not having the finish that he desired, Tyson appreciates all of the support from his family, crew, sponsors and marketing partners.
"Many thanks to my Dirty South Posse teammates Mitch Hawk, Dan Pawlicki, and my stepson Tyler See for everything. I am so thankful for their support and encouragement. And, of course thanks to all of the folks that stood behind my team during a rough few months- you all ROCK!"
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