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Good Run Ends in Crash for Mark Tyson
(May 19, 2013)- Following a third place finish in his heat race earlier in the afternoon Sunday at Mountain Speedway, Mark Tyson had high hopes of earning a solid finish in his #22 WARRANT – I Saw Red Chevy Impala.
  After giving away a couple of autographed WARRANT items with trivia questions during intermission, Tyson lined up on the outside pole for the start of the 30-lap main event. The green flag waved and Tyson dropped back to third and in line behind Dave Brigati, who ran in second at the time.
  With a lap complete, Mitch Hawk led over Dave Brigati, Tyson, Rick Smith and Riley Moczulski.
  Smith climbed to third and then battled hard with the top two until spinning and bringing out a lap 10 yellow. Hawk remained the leader following the restart Smith began to advance one again.
  As the laps clicked off, Tyson’s car began to lose its handle and he did his best to hang on to it.
  While following Tyson, who was fighting a loose condition, Smith committed to making a pass on the bottom in turns one and two. Tyson got out of shape and tried to correct his car, but the pair tangled and piled into the backstretch wall. Luckily, no one appeared to be hurt in the lap 13 red flag incident.
  With the green flag back out, Hawk remained the leader until lap 18, when Brigati overtook him. Brigati drove off to his second victory of the season over Hawk. Moczulski finished a career-best third.
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