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Mark Tyson Nets 10th Place Street Stock Finish at Mountain Speedway
(April 21, 2013)- Paul Morgan, Jr. started from the pole and led the opening circuit of the 25-lap Street Stock feature over Tony Hilliard, Chris Burge, Kevin Higgins and Chip Wanamaker.
   With one lap complete, Burge overtook Hilliard for second and then Brian Wozniak broke the top five. He moved to the fourth spot on lap four.
   With eight laps complete, Wanamaker snuck by Burge for the second spot and then the yellow flag waved when Burge and Wozniak tangled on lap 11. Both drivers rejoined the field for the restart.
   With the green flag back out, Morgan and Wanamaker raced side-by-side, lap after lap. Wanamaker led by a bumper on lap 17 and then the yellow waved when Mark Tyson spun in turn four. With his lead by a bumper on the last scored lap, Wanamaker restarted as the race leader, followed by Morgan, Higgins, Burge and Hilliard.
   Despite efforts from Morgan throughout the remainder of the race, Wanamaker kept his car underneath him and drove away with his second straight win of the season. Morgan finished a career-best second in the division, followed by Higgins, Burge and Wozniak.
Street Stock (25-laps) 1. CHIP WANAMAKER 2. Paul Morgan 3. Kevin Higgins 4. Chris Burge 5. Brian Wozniak 6. Tony Hilliard 7. Rich Emel 8. Steve Hoffman 9. Bernie Uphold 10. Mark Tyson 11. Gordie Buchman 12. Rich Paciotti
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